Password Policy

Change/Update your Postudio account password.


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According to the 60-days password change policy, your signed-in sessions will be auto-signed out from all devices. You need to create a new password to access your Postudio account.

Here's how you can do it if you're signed in:

  • In the page header, go to the top right corner and click on your initials
  • Click on Account Settings 
  • And change the existing password with a new password
  • Then press Update Password link to save the new password

Here's how you can do it if you're not signed in:

  • On the Sign In page, when you try to sign in an error message will appear
    • Your password has expired, check your email to reset your password and access your account.
  • Check your email and reset your account password using the Reset Password button mentioned on the email


What is the ideal password combination?

Your Postudio account password should be a min of 12 characters.

  • With a mix of letters(at least 1 uppercase), numbers & symbols(!@#$%^&?*-=_+|}{,><)

Can I keep my existing/previous passwords as the new password?

The new password should not match any of the last 3 passwords. Try to keep a unique new password.

What happens when the password is due?

You will receive an email to update your account password to access your Postudio account.


What happens when I try to sign in with the wrong credentials multiple times?

Your account will be locked for 10 minutes due to too many failed sign-in attempts. You can try to sign in later with the right email and password. Or you can reset your account password.

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